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Services Overview

  • Shipping Agency Services

    Solna provides agency services at all Turkish straits and ports. Our Company carries out all kinds of legal procedures thoroughly by professional staff who work 24/7. In addition to legal documentation; tug boat services, safe transfer and accommodation of crew members and surveyors, medical assistance procedures, delivering cash to masters, obtaining legal inspection reports, certificates and permits are among other services that can be found under our management.

  • Chartering, Brokarage and Management

    Solna Agency's Chartering & Brokarage Division was established to coordinate and meet the needs of ship oeners and charterers, provide them professional brokarage service and present its wide shipping experiences to everyone who has activities in the shipping industry. Daily contact with other ship brokers and ship owners around the world enables the company to research and maintain up to date and accurate assesments of current market trends and future market movements. On the other hand, our company also provides sea & river transportation from Turkish ports to Russian & Caspian ports (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Russian river ports) vice versa, by river-type vessels. Besides, we have been handling the management of sea-river type vessels since 2008.

  • Ship Repairs and Maintenance

    Mechanical break-downs and technical problems are among inevitable problems that the shipping industry faces all the time. Therefore, we have established a network of technicians, repair and maintenance staff who can serve while docked or navigating at anywhere in Turkish coastal waters.

  • Bunkering Services

    Solna agency offers bunkering of lube oil, fuel and fresh water with competitive pricing at all Turkish straits and ports.

  • Supply of Spare Parts

    Spare parts are very crucial segment of shipping industry. Solna Agency offers wide range of spare parts for all kinds of vessels. Nevertheless, our Company also performs a major role in coordination of ship spare parts in transit.

  • Supply of Technical Goods,Paints and Provisions

    Solna Agency provides vast variety of equipments, devices and goods in its porfolio; such as technical materials, kitchenware, electronics and electrical equipments, hardware, fire fighting equipments, life boat and raft, mariner publications and charts, chemical and medical equipments, paints and painting materials.

  • Underwater Services and Waste Management

    Underwater services are highly labor-intense and costly procedures. Our professional divers take this headache away by top-qualified service with below market prices. Depending on demend of owners, our divers provide underwater video recording for classification society, damage assesment, welding, repairs and cleaning. Waste Management for vessels is done by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in Bosphorus and Istanbul Ports. Pursuant to regulations, Solna Agency coordinates sludge, bilge, slop, etc. services on behalf of customers to avoid unexpected interruptions.