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  • Turkish Straits


    * All ships entering Turkish territorial waters are obliged to fly Turkish flag properly.

    * Masters/Owners/Charterers/Operators of the vessels which are 500 GRT or more, 24 hours before the entrance of the Strait of Istanbul or the Strait of Canakkale, should give Sailing Plan 1 (SP-1) to VTS through their agents and masters of vessels should give Sailing Plan 2 (SP-2) directly to related Sector, two hours before arriving to the entrance of the Strait or at a distance of 20 nm from the entrance, whichever comes first.

    * Ships shorter than 200 meters, which will pass through the Turkish straits, are required to send their SP-1 reports to Vessel Traffic Services at least 24 hours before their entrance to a strait, and ships of 200-300 meters length or drafts of more than 15 meters are required to send their SP-1 reports to Vessel Traffic Services at least 48 hours before their entrance to a strait through their agents.

    * In addition to the SP-1 reports of the ships that plan to pass through Turkish straits, the ships are also required to send the following certificates through their agents for registration of the ships at relevant authorities.

    - International Tonnage Certificate
    - Class Certificate
    - International Register Certificate
    - P&I Certificate

    * In case of changes in tonnage, flag, etc of ships, they are required to send the above certificates (renewed ones) through their agents for updating of their registrations at relevant authorities.

    * If vessels will wait for any reason they should notify it on their SP2 report. After they inform the relevant Sector that they are ready for the passage of Strait, they are accepted for the traffic organization.

    * All ships must follow Turkish straits regulations book and must listen to VHF channels of VTS authorities during stay at straits. VTS authorities arranging general calls to all ships and regulate the traffic.

    * All ships passing through straits or calling one Marmara port , should have on board one copy of “Maritime Traffic Regulations for Turkish Straits” and be able to present it when authorities asking.

    * Environment protection department boat(s) are always very active on follow the pollution at sea and taken stricter measures against the pollution caused by vessels passing Turkish Straits and/or waiting at anchorage , subject to heavy fines.

    * Any vessel paying transit sanitary dues by declaring that it will pass the Dardanelles straits, Marmara sea and the Bosphorus in transit; but then proceeds to a port at the straits or Marmara sea, or anchor off Istanbul to supply emergency requirements and remains there more than 48 hours or offloads/loads cargo or embark or disembark crew or passengers instead of proceeding to a foreign port, then it violates the transit status. Custom Clearance formalities should be performed.